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10 Beautiful trees found at Dallas Bonsai

Feeling overwhelmed with the selection of trees we have to offer? Below are our top 10 picks from our selection. Click the thumbnail on any of the trees to view one in our store.

1. Dwarf Jade Bonsai

zdj4Affectionately nicknamed “The Elephant Bush” for its full features, the Dwarf Jade originates from the dry regions of South Africa. Its upright trunk offers a sturdy support system for this magnificent evergreen. Known for its luscious dark leaves and elegant pink flowers, this beautiful bonsai is as easy to care for as it is to behold. A hearty tree that can go years without repotting, the Dwarf Jade thrives in all weather conditions.

2. Fukien Tea Bonsai

zft2A bonsai that produces stunning white leaves year-round, the Fukien Tea is immensely popular throughout all of China. Its oscillating trunk supports a collection of gleaming dark leaves, and in cases of fertilization, red cherries can be seen dotting it’s white canopy. These flowers can be seen all-year round with tiny hairs lining the underside of the leaves. The Fukien Tea’s capricious surface of the trunk gives it the appearance of being well beyond its years.

3. Satsuki Azalea

zsa3Known for their remarkable flowers, Satsuki Azalea bonsais produce colors ranging from white to pink, red, purple, and even orange. These beautiful hues take on a variety of patterns that include flakes, sectors, and lines. Sublime colors are complimented with gracious trunk movement and compact foliage growth. They are capable of blooming throughout the entire year, but are famous for their mid spring growth. They continue to be one of the most sought after trees in the bonsai family.

4. Buddhist Pine Bonsai

zp01Deriving its name from the mature seeds that resemble disciples of the Buddha, this popular tree is often employed to improve the feng-shui of any environment. Viewed as a lucky charm, the Buddhist Pine produces gorgeous cone arils that are also edible. An upright, strong evergreen, the Buddhist Pine produces stiff leathery leaves that are supported by a stunning symmetrical branch system. It can grow indoors and out, and is able to reach a incredible height of 90 feet.

5. Shimpaku Juniper Bonsai

zsj2Also known as the “Chinese Juniper” the Shimpaku is a spectacular bonsai that grows calmly through a series of intertwined branches. Its somber green leaves are soft to the touch and are streaked with two stunning white lines. The Shimpaku is most sought after by bonsai enthusiasts for its strong wood that is ideal for expert carving techniques. Often found near the sea, it produces small fruit that is bluish in hue.

6. Trident Maple Bonsai

ztm3A tree that is popular within the United States, the Trident Maple can be considered the “King of the Maple Bonsais”. Its 3-lobed leaves change colours throughout the fall and spring seasons, often taking on the yellow and orange hues that are native to so many trees throughout America. A deciduous outdoor tree, the Trident Maple has beautiful new growth in Spring that often resembles a bronze or purple color. Its orange-brown bark offers a unique take on the traditional bonsai coloring.

7. Juniper

juniper-1506_1Perhaps the most well-known and sought after tree within the bonsai community, the Juniper is a symbol of longevity within Chinese culture. It can survive in the most rugged of conditions while still producing an authentic appearance. Needle-like and scale-like leaves surround a sturdy trunk. The Juniper produces silvery-white deadwood that is a perfect compliment to the additional colors of the tree. It remains a must-see for anyone interested in the art of bonsai trees.

8. Chinese Elm

zce3This semi-deciduous bonsai is a sturdy and resilient tree that can grow up to 60 feet when left in its natural form. The Chinese Elm has an exquisite upright trunk that yields dark green leaves and complex twiggy branching. Its predictable growth pattern allows for easy care, yet its tiny leaves and bright foliage are unparalleled by other bonsai trees. A tree that can grow in a variety of seasons, the Chinese Elm becomes even more spectacular as it ages.

9. Dwarf Pyracantha

zdp1Otherwise known as “The Firethorn” for it’s sublime groupings of red cherries, the Dwarf Pyracantha is a spectacle to behold unto itself. It’s luminous green leaves offer a unique view from the more traditional dark bonsai leaves. A lover of sunlight, this bonsai thrives outdoors. Its branches grow both vertically and horizontally giving it the appearance of a very full and lively tree. White blooms can occasionally be seen to make it’s red color pop.

10. Japanese Five Needle Pine Bonsai

zfnp1A bonsai tree that is native to Japan, the Five Needle is a staple among the bonsai community. It’s rough bark and beautiful corking trunk produce a classic bonsai look that remains unmatched. Best known for the strength of its leaves, this wonderful tree can withstand a variety of climates. Its branches stretch out horizontally, often over-taking the central trunk to produce a gorgeously wide bonsai.

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