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10 Ways to Keep Your Bonsai Healthy

No matter how well you groom, tend, or grow your bonsai, the health of the tree will always be the most important aspect of a strong bonsai. Knowing these ten steps goes a long way in ensuring your bonsai stay its healthiest and happiest.

  1. Providing the Proper Light
    Bonsai trees desperately need light to grow and stay healthy. Make sure your bonsai is always near an appropriate source of light.
  2. Fertilizing
    Making sure your plant has the right fertilizer is just as important as applying it correctly. Read and follow all instructions thoroughly so you do not harm your plant.
  3. Cleaning
    Keeping your bonsai clean of any dust, debris, or bugs is crucial to its health. This is especially true for outdoor bonsais, where the elements are far more unpredictable.
  4. Safe Soil
    Like larger trees, bonsai often drop elements from themselves back into the soil. It is important to keep the soil as clear and free from any blooms, fruit or leaves, to make sure your bonsai is growing in clear, clean soil.
  5. Repotting
    While repotting can be tricky, it is important to repot your bonsai to ensure it does not become dependant on its pot. Many pots contain elements that when ingested by the tree can become harmful.
  6. Spotting Disease
    It can be difficult to spot tree diseases, but they occur in bunches, and often. Every bonsai owner should have a book or tool they use to help spot harmful diseases to their plants.
  7. Careful Pruning
    Pruning is an essential part of caring for your bonsai, yet it can also be harmful. Take great care when pruning to limit any damage or harm to your plant.
  8. Fresh Air
    While many bonsai trees are grown outdoors, indoor trees need proper ventilation. Keeping your bonsai in a stuffy area can do severe damage to the tree.
  9. Aerating the Soil
    Like your bonsai, your soil needs oxygen as well. Aerating your soil allows the nutrients and fertilizer to grow and help your bonsai do the same.
  10. Be Attentive!
    Our last step is simple – give your bonsai the proper attention it deserves by checking on it often and regularly. Any diseases can be easily stopped before they start with simple day-to-day care.

For more tips on how to keep your bonsai at it’s best, we recommend you explore our blog!

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