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3 Specimen Trees From Fred Meyer’s Personal Collection

One of a Kind Specimen Bonsai Trees For Sale


Provenance of these beloved maple by, Fred Meyer:


During the 60’s and 70’s we would travel to California twice yearly to purchase more mature Bonsai for sale to our customers. It was in 1968 that we came across Harvey Suzuki and his wife Grace. They lived on Grove Street in Berkeley, California. As my wife was Asian, we had easy access to the Japanese families there. Grace Suzuki had a few of her father’s maples still in her collection. He was an Ikebana Master. These three maples were started from cuttings prior to WWII. We have had them ever since. We can testify that in our hands they have been in existence 51 years. So we add 28 years from 1940 to 1968 to the 51 years and we now have an approximate age ….79 years.


Specimen Japanese Maple Bonsai (FM03)
Specimen Trident Maple Bonsai (FM02)
Specimen Japanese Maple Bonsai (FM01)

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