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A Holly Jolly Christmas Bonsai

If you’ve ever been at a loss for the perfect Christmas gift that won’t just get used up or tossed out after a few weeks, a bonsai tree is a great choice. They require just enough attention to make them more than another knick knack, but not so much care that a beginner couldn’t easily keep one alive and beautiful. And, they make great mini Christmas trees for a desk or window sill! Here are some of our favorite reasons to give a bonsai tree for Christmas, and how to dress yours up with some holiday cheer.

Bonsai Trees Work in Any Home

Bonsai trees come in both indoor and outdoor varieties, but most often, indoor varieties are given in the winter. An outdoor bonsai is typically dormant in the winter and not all that fun to look at. Indoor bonsai trees are small enough to fit on a desk, in a large windowsill, or as a centerpiece on a table without getting in the way. They don’t drop leaves or make messes in any way, and the only thing a person needs is one of the simple care kits that we offer with every bonsai purchase.

Windswept Bonsai Kit

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Informal Upright Bonsai Kit

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Consider the joy that many express upon receiving a living creature for a gift, such as the classic puppy with a bow sleeping under the Christmas tree. But the problem with these sorts of gifts is that they require a total lifestyle change to accommodate their care and comfort. A bonsai tree is every bit as alive, and can bring just as much peace and joy into someone’s life, without the need to change their whole life.

Bonsai Trees Can Be Decorated

Want to wow your family member or friend with a holiday-themed gift that lasts far beyond the winter season? Decorate their bonsai tree for them! It’s easy to give a small indoor bonsai a holly jolly makeover, as long as you are considerate with your decorating choices. Fake snow is safe to sprinkle onto a bonsai, but you may prefer to put a few cotton balls around the pot to simulate snow instead, just to alleviate the mess.

Use small doll-house sized ornaments from a craft store to spruce up the tree itself, or drape some very tiny tinsel around the tree branches. If the bonsai is sitting in a humidity tray or on a bamboo mat, add some holiday color with red and green stones or gems, or swapping out the mat for a piece of festive felt that echoes a Christmas tree skirt.

Bonsai Trees Are Personal

Giving plants is always a great way to share beauty and life with anyone on your holiday list, but so often it can be hard to choose plants for someone. Would they like brightly colored flowers, or are they more of an aloe plant person? Bonsai trees are easy to give because they can be personalized to anyone’s tastes. The elegant, minimal look of a bonsai works with any sort of décor scheme, and the owner can choose to shape the tree into aesthetically pleasing shapes if they wish with some creative pruning. Because bonsai trees respond very quickly to the care they are given, no two bonsai trees will ever look alike. Every bonsai is a direct reflection of its owner’s personality.

Let Us Help You Spoil Your Friends and Family

If you’re ready to give a bonsai tree gift or two, we can help. Our trees are packaged securely to ensure that they arrive safely and in great health. You won’t have to do a thing – simply give the gift right away, or remove the tree from the box and make sure it has plenty of water and sunlight until the big day.

If your thinking about one of our kits, just make sure you order no later than midnight on 12/18/2016!

Windswept Bonsai Kit

Only $50 Until 12/26/16

Informal Upright Bonsai Kit

Only $50 Until 12/26/16

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