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Bonsai Conversations with a Master: Now Available!

People have asked us to create our popular Bonsai Conversations as a printed set and we listened!

This is the complete audio recordings of conversations between Michael Miller and Fred Meyer where Fred answers 372 questions regarding selecting, growing, maintaining, pruning, wiring, styling, watering, and fertilizing every type of bonsai. This is the information that will put you on the fast track to growing world class bonsai that you love to look at and enjoy! Here’s what’s included:

  • 8 hours of interviewed conversations with Fred Meyer where Michael Miller asks him 372 questions which cover almost everything there is to know about bonsai. From beginner to advanced, nothing is left out. To be honest, there is some expert and master level topics about Jinning and intricacies of specific varieties that was left out, but the odds you will ever need them are so rare, there was just no reason to bore you with it.
  • Transcripts of the entire interview. These transcripts are 137 pages of valuable bonsai information you can use to follow along with the interviews, or use to quickly review some specific detail.
  • 67 page bonsai conversations guidebook that covers the highlights of the information Fred speaks of in his interview. This guidebook is a wonderful how-to guide itself worth $19.99 at least!
  • BONUS – When you purchase the tangible, physical product, you also get a bonus CD with the digital versions as well. Put these in your iPod and listen while you shop or drive to work.

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