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We Are Preparing for a Huge Bonsai Something Secret!

December was full of ideas for us. We have devised plans to shake things up a little. We have labeled it operation: greenthumb.

I can’t say more now as we are still preparing. There will be more information in the coming weeks on operation: greenthumb, but to say anything now would jeopardize the mission.

The only clue I can give is that thousands of customers have asked this question and until now we haven’t been able to answer it satisfactorily.

Let’s just say, we will be making you all very happy, very soon!

Stay tuned!


If you are considering buying a tool, or a tool set in the next 2 years, this is the time to do it!

I’ll be honest, the prices of bonsai tools from Japan have gone up. Every manufacturer had to raise their prices, and since the dollar is really weak now compared to the Yen…Well, we’ve held our prices low as long as we can, and in January, the prices of all our tools will go up. Right now, we want to offer you one last special at drastically reduced prices on top of our already low, low “you can’t find a better price” prices.

Below, there are 3 types of vinyl clad shears, and a 6 piece Silvery Finish (chrome plated) tool set. These are the same high quality Fujiyama tools as our black metal tools. In fact, they are the exact same black metal tools that have been either dipped in vinyl or chrome plated, resharpened and polished. This is an unbelievable value!

In all seriousness, this offer cannot be missed! You will never see high quality Japanese bonsai tools like this at this price ever again. These would be great to buy for regular use in place of your Masakuni or Stainless tools, or to buy and hold on to, or as a gift.

We have reduced these tools by 25% – 35% OFF!

The shears have been reduced by 35% and the tool set has been reduced by 25%.

Honestly, the deal on these tools is spectacular!

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