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Dallas Bonsai Garden Now Sells Bonsai Trees Again!

It’s been a long time coming and it took ages for us to get everything just right. We even spoke too soon last month when we announced that we had a secret. Details, details! However, it’s now official!

Dallas Bonsai Garden has Bonsai Trees!

We have pinched, pruned, propogated, and prepared many fabulous varieties over the last two years and they are ready for primetime!

We are making them available as we can and as they reach the height of their beatuy, but over the next two months you will see all of our varieties make their debut on our website.

Available Now!

To start off, we have created Bonsai Starter Kits in economy and premium versions. These kits have everything you need to take care of your new bonsai, including:

  • The Bonsai tree
  • 8 inch plastic pot and tray.
  • Bonsai Soil.
  • Akadama top dressing – will alert you to the wetness or dryness of your soil.
  • Japanese drainage mesh for the holes in your container.
  • Liquid fertilizer and root stimulator for the health of your Bonsai.
  • Japanese Wire to train your Bonsai.
  • Imported fisherman with fishing pole and fish.
  • Attractively designed Japanese label in the form of a hut.
  • Either Japanese high quality traditional shears or Japanese mini shears to prune your Bonsai depending upon the package.
  • A Bonsai guide book – changes depending upon the package.

The Dallas Bonsai Garden mission has always been to offer you the greatest quality, and the greatest selection, at the lowest price and we have been true to our word for over 30 years now.

We have kept it up with our new Bonsai Starter Kits as not only do we include all of the top quality gear to take care of your bonsai for the first year, not only do we make a high quality tree available at a good price, we also offer you the options of purchasing the tree pruned or unpruned! Unpruned are less expensive!

While there are many reasons to purchase a fully styled bonsai, when you purchase a bonsai that has been pruned and styled by someone else, you lose the chance to make the tree your own. Think of the tree as a canvas. You can paint on this canvas anything you want to create. If you simply buy a bonsai that someone else has styled, you are simply perpetuating and maintaining their work.

That’s like having an artist prepare a canvas for you, draw lines on the canvas and telling you to paint between the lines.

We give you the opportunity to take a bonsai tree and make it your own.

We have pruned and unpruned, but we kept the pruning to a minimum so that you will still have complete control over the style of your bonsai. This is how you learn to create beautiful bonsai!

Special Reserve Plants

My wife Elizabeth has been been styling bonsai alongside me for over 35 years and she has a special selection of bonsai that we are calling the Special Reserve. These bonsai have been lovingly tended and styled by Elizabeth. Once you have learned how to create your own bonsai and control the environment it lives in so that it thrives, these bonsai make ideal additions to your bonsai collection because of their tremendous beauty and potential.

The Special Reserve plants are currently available in a Bonsai Kit, but we will be selling them seperately soon.

Remember! The Special Reserve plants are numbered. The one you see on the site is the one you will purchase. Once it’s gone, it’s gone!

*All of our plants are left unrefined to allow you to personalize them with your own style. While some plants may be indicated as being either windswept or informal upright, this is the shape the plant naturally grew in.

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