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Happy Holidays!

All of us here at Dallas Bonsai Garden wish you and yours a very Happy Holiday!

Our main goal at Dallas Bonsai Garden is to provide you with all the information and supplies needed for your enjoyment of this wonderful Hobby of Bonsai.

We feel it’s extremely important to provide you with personal service along with what we offer over our website. We’ve been in this Hobby for 43 years and have met many very fine hobbyists during that time. During that time we have always been striving to find and offer you the very best of all things Bonsai that Japan has to offer.

We are extremely proud to offer you our extensive list of high quality Japanese Bonsai tools. It has taken many, many hours of time and much effort to assemble this huge array of tools and supplies for our loyal customers. By specializing in Japanese products we can concentrate all our efforts on finding you what you can consider the very best value for your money. After all, that’s what it’s all about. 

Quite honestly, that is why we sell Fujiyama Brand Tools. They are higher quality than all the other brands (besides Masakuni) and since we buy so many at once, we can offer them at lower prices than anyone else can.

Can you tell I’m passionate about our products? 🙂

Again, Happy Holidays to Everyone! It is our sincere wish to all of you that the year coming will be the happiest, most prosperous year of your lives!

Here are some quick gift ideas for the Bonsai Hobbist:

Gift Certificates are an easy alternative to finding just the right gift and alieviate the problem of having two of the same gifts given to someone.

Books…You can never have enough of these. I figure that if I get just one idea from a book then it’s paid for itself. Anything above that is a plus.

Whats happening at Dallas Bonsai Garden this month?

We just received a container of Japanese supplies and have many new items that we will be showing you in the next few days. We’re busy filling orders now for tools, tool sets and supplies, but hopefully will have time very soon to gets these items up for you to see.

Just today we got in a container of Chinese Figures that we will have up after the Christmas Selling Season. It’s always amazing to us to see these beautiful items at such low prices!!!

The plastic pots will be arriving next week and we will have our full group rounded out again. 

All this means that we keep on striving to have for you the very best quality for the very best prices.

We thank you for shopping and making us the largest Bonsai Supply in the world! Because of you, we are your Bonsai Supply Superstore.

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