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Have a Happy New Year!

We here at Dallas Bonsai Garden hope that you enjoy health, happiness and success in this coming year.. And of course – some great times in this wonderful world of Bonsai.

We hope that we can assist you in jump starting your hobby and increase your delight in all things pertaining to Bonsai.

What’s going on here at Dallas Bonsai Garden…

During the last week of each year and the first week of the new year we reflect on the previous and peer into the future of just what you want and what you can expect from us in 2004.

From Japan..We are constantly striving to find new products or products that we may have overlooked. They turn up in the strangest places. We have an insatiable appetite for all of the great Bonsai supplies that we find there. We keep trying to find new picture books that will help you to decipher the techniques of the master Bonsai artists.

From China. We keep digging for new and interesting Chinese Figures. Our plastic pots – most of which come from China have been in great demand this last year. And NOW! We have found some larger rectangular plastic pots with trays at reasonable prices. We will announce this to the world in February or March.

We will be starting a different arrangement this month with a monthly sale page MONTHLY SUPER SALE . that is on just for that month and a more static page for surplus items or items that you may want to buy in quantity BARGAIN CORNER ..a bargain basement type of corner of our website. This is all first class merchandise – not a scratch and ding department. We do hope this helps persons that have just bought from us and want to know just what we have as specials for that specific month versus items that may be on sale for a longer period of time. You keep telling us what you want and we keep listening. We hope your contacts with us are helpful and assist you in your pleasure of the Bonsai Hobby.

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