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January Bonsai Tips

Fred Meyer

This month and February are hang on months. Try to keep your Bonsai hanging on until spring arrives. We hear more sad stories of demise during this time than at any other time of the year. Why now?

It’s the same thing I preach about all the time. Light and Water. Our shortest day of the year is December 21 and we ever so slowly add a minute or two each day to our daylight time. All evergreen Bonsai need light and they suffer during this period.

Water. Our homes during this period are heated and this drops our humidity to desert levels. Kinda great for humans versus high humidity days, but it causes the Bonsai soil and thus the plant to dry out. Watch your Bonsai and water. Remember, with good draining soil you can water daily. But don’t let the Bonsai sit in water in a drip tray.

Indoor: Be sure to check your Bonsai daily for dry soil, effects of low light and pests. Keep your soil evenly moist…which means damp, but not soggy wet. If your Bonsai appears to be losing leaves in the interior part of its branches it’s because it is not receiving enough light. You may need to add a plant light or move the Bonsai to a higher light location.

Outdoor: It’s what you don’t see by casual observation that may do your Bonsai in. Your Bonsai’s most important area of consideration should be the roots and therefore the soil. Be sure your outside Bonsai’s roots are enclosed in soil and the soil is moist. Just because the Bonsai is dormant doesn’t mean that its roots don’t need a small bit of moisture to sustain them. The pot can crack in low temperatures and various varmints can eat the delicious roots

Again….Happy New Year! Now that we are back into the normal chaos of daily living be kind to your Bonsai and treat it with loving care. It will reward you for it in many ways..

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