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Styling The Juniper Procumbens – Part 4 of 6 – Juniper #4

So here we are now at juniper #4, and in my opinion the best of the six junipers. I’ll explain as we go through this. First up is the tree before any work has started,

Juniper #4

As I separate the foliage to see what’s inside, I notice that there is a fork in the trunk, meaning I’ll have to make a choice as which one to save and which one to cut off.

Fork in the trunk

But there is still hope, I also notice that one of the trunks has some nice movement, and better yet, it also has one of the distinguishing traits for a really nice cascade bonsai.

Photo 3

From this angle here you can kind of see what I mean.

Pic 4

From this angle you can see more. As with the last tree, I used the same type of plastic pot because it worked out perfectly for this tree also.

Picture 5

If you remember on tree # 2 I told you that I styled the tree into a cascade because that’s probably what most people would have done because of the way the trunk had a somewhat of a tendency to want to go that way. I also said that for my opinion I probably wouldn’t go that way with it simply because it looked phoney in the way the trunk was just sharply bent over and more or less taking the easy way out and styling it that way.

With this tree though the trunk wants to grow up but it looks like something is preventing it from doing so. In Nature cascade trees are forced by the constant winds to bend ever so graciously downward giving in to natures stronger force and giving it a beauty it never knew it could get.

Picture 6

Now with wire attached to the trunk and an eye for styling, I try and give it the beauty that nature would

Juniper Photo 7

Now all I have to do is some refinement in cleaning up some of the bushy foliage.

Photo 8

More foliage removal and a wire on one of the branches.

Photo 9

And finally we’re there.


Now it’s time to sit back and admire our work and plan for the future by picking a new cascade pot for next years repotting, and to keep an eye on the foliage so as not to let it get overgrown again. I hope you can see the difference between a natural looking cascade and a forced one as in tree # 2, and to make your decisions wisely when deciding on whether or not to style a tree into a cascade bonsai. 🙂

Update: Continue to Part 5

See you next time
Thomas J.

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