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Juniper #5 - Complete

Styling The Juniper Procumbens – Part 5 of 6 – Juniper #5

We’re moving right along so let’s just jump right into juniper #5. As you can see this one is almost a carbon copy of the other four at this stage.

Juniper #5

After cutting away part of the nursery pot I can see what’s in there and make my choice as to where I want to go with this one.

Cutting away the pot

Unless you have a little imagination, all of these since they are laying low and have long extended main trunks, want to be considered by most to be styled into a cascade bonsai. So putting my imagination to work here’s what I decided with this one.

Decision Time!

After applying the wire I give it the shape I desire and from there I can start working the foliage,

Beginning work

I also cut off the second leader that was going in the opposite direction.

More trimming

Working the outside of the foliage I will both pinch and cut some of the buds.

More Shaping

I will also work the inside foliage by going deep inside with my scissors in order to open the tree up and try expose what little branching there is so as to try and maintain somewhat of a tree look rather than a shrub look.


And the final result after the main work is done.

Almost done

Now it’s off to get a repotting into one of the oversize bonsai pots since we don’t want to remove too much root or soil at this time. After wiring the tree into the pot, this is where it will stay now until next years repotting when it will be put into a more appropiate size pot.

Juniper #5 - Complete

I must admit that in my opinion this is the second best tree out of the six. Of course not everyone might agree though. 🙂

See you next time with tree #6, our last in the series.

Update: Continue to Part 6

Thomas J.

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