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November Bonsai Tips

All bonsai should be dormant by now, but if the weather or storage temperature has been too warm they may not be, and care must be taken to prevent a second growth.

Location: Same rules as October. Guard against cold winds, frost and snow storms. Even some freak warm days too.

Watering: Less water this month, but do not let tress dry out even during dormancy. Trees are very sensitive even if they are dormant. Keep an eye on drainage. Never water bonsai when it is frozen.

Trimming: Remove any leaves remaining on deciduous trees. Be sure all fruit and seed pods are off too. This is a good month to remove all tip burned needles on pines, and any unsightly or extra long second year needles. This is also the time for the second trimming on black pines.

Training: Most branches will be too brittle to wire and bend this month.

Fertilizing: No fertilizing this month.

Do not attempt any this month.

Miscellaneous: It is a good time to collect native materials in the Southern states.

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