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Warm Greeting to our Bonsai Friends

We want to take this opportunity to remind you that although it’s really hot this time of year and most Bonsai go into suspended animation when temperatures inch above the 90F mark, it’s still important to of course water more than normal – and feed your little Friends so they can cope with this stress.

We have a number of items that will make your task easier:

Look into these items and pick at least one to help your Bonsai ease into September when the temperatures will start edging down into more comfortable territory.

Enjoy your Bonsai and Help your Bonsai enjoy this time of year.

Why Tokoname Pots?

We’ve been busy as can be here at our warehouse trying to obtain some exciting things for you and your Bonsai. And have we been reading some exciting books depicting the world’s highest quality Japanese Bonsai Pottery. Tokoname.

Now, Just why is the Tokoname Pottery so great?

Well, first of all it’s the clay that is found in that area that is purportedly the very best for these particular Bonsai Pots. According to the history books, there were 6 ancient kilns in Japan that were from the latter part of the Kamakura period (1192 to 1315 AD) and the Tokoname kilns were one of these. There have been families of potters…..grandfather, son, grandson on down through the generations that have become master craftsmen. These pots are actually treasures of Japan. If you want to make a comparison, then compare it to Omiya. What the highest level of the Art of Bonsai is to Omiya, the highest level of the Art of Bonsai Pottery is to Tokoname.

I would like to quote from John Yoshio Naka’s Bonsai Techniques II (and with his permission):

Containers are more than something to put plants into. Of course the tree is the primary subject, its health and shape are the most important objective in bonsai, but the pot serves many purposes.

1. It is the object that holds the tree along with the soil, water, fertilizer and other important materials.
2. It must be an appropriate companion to compliment the trees and plants.
3. It can be of sentimental value or a prized possession, a valuable antique, or something that was handmade.
4. It can also become another hobby. There are many who collect the small miniature pots as a collection.
5. It is nice to have more than one pot for one tree. It is like changing a frame for the same picture, a completely different look is achieved.”

Thank you Mr. Naka for the insight.

This Fall, that is, around September we will be warehousing Tokoname-Yaki Bonsai Pottery.

We’ve had numerous inquiries for higher quality Japanese Bonsai Pots and so we’ve decided to widen our selection of Japanese Pots just for you. Yes, these are not dime store prices on these Bonsai pots, but then you need to consider the time and craftsmanship that goes into these to equate the price to the very high quality container that you will be purchasing. There’s value here. Some people state that these are Exhibition Quality Tokoname Bonsai Pots. Well, yes, they are. We’ll give you many more details and pictures of the area later on. Right now we just want to tease you and get you as excited as we are about these outstanding pots. Stay tuned. Below are just a few samples of the many outstanding styles that we will have for you and your Bonsai.

This month’s sale has many great bargains on Japanese Bonsai Pottery, Copper Colored Aluminum Wire, Japanese Stainless Steel Tool Sets, Wooden Display Stands, Mini Tool Sets and a special sale on our Organic Fertilizer.

Reflecting back on 2002 – and a Happy New Year!

As we reflect back on 2002 we are extremely happy to think of all we have accomplished during the year in assisting all our loyal customers with their Bonsai Supply needs. It goes without saying, really, that without you, our customers, and your feedback we would be in the dark so to speak as to what you really need in the way of Bonsai Supplies. We do appreciate your words of encouragement and your constructive criticism as it concerns our website and our mode of operation. Now, we must forge ahead into the new year and hope that we will be able to do as good or better during this time.

Gosh! What to do in January……???

Well, this is a month that we just try to hold on. Your Indoor Bonsai are in a situation that is very stressful for them as they are getting virtually minimal light and desert atmosphere with your heating system. Remember to water well – meaning keep the soil moist…….not soggy wet…..You should be checking daily to be sure your Bonsai has moist soil. Give your Bonsai as much light as you can…..either natural or artificial. Natural means natural sunlight. This can be from outdoor exposure if your outdoor temperature is warm enough for your Bonsai or on a windowsill if the temperatures don’t get down to freezing this close to the outside with only a pane of glass between death from freezing and a cozy temperature. The artificial light can be from a incandescent or fluorescent light source. If you use an incandescent light bulb keep it about 1 foot from your Bonsai and leave it on about 18 hours per day. A timer can assist you in this chore quite inexpensively. Remember that you can sunburn your Bonsai the first time you use your plant light if your Bonsai has had no light to speak of…… be careful.

Outdoor Bonsai will take special care this month on into February or so. They are in a dormant state, but that doesn’t mean that you can forget them. Again…..they need to be checked at least twice a week or so to insure they have enough moisture in their soil, that the winds haven’t knocked them out of their pot and let the roots dry out or that the critters that are out and about haven’t eaten the roots or bark off your Bonsai.

We should say that this month we are in a holding pattern and happily anticipating the arrival of Spring.

So…….. do what many of our customers are now doing….. namely…… ordering soil, new pots and all things necessary for the Spring Potting Season which is just around the corner. Please don’t procrastinate…..These things creep up on us all….It’s really stressful on our customer and us when we have to ship out 50 pounds of potting medium via overnight express……whew! Be a good Girl Scout and good Boy Scout and be prepared.

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