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Completed Juniper #2

Styling The Juniper Procumbens – Part 2 of 6 – Juniper #2

So here we are with tree #2

Juniper #2 - Cascade Potential

and it sort of looks a bit worse than tree # 1 as far as having any bonsai potential. I’m sure you can tell that I’ll probably be doing this one in a cascade style, simply because that’s what most people would do with this one, although if it were mine I probably wouldn’t style it that way. It has a somewhat tendency to want to be a cascade, but it also looks like we’re taking the easy way out in styling it this way simply because the trunk is already leaning over somewhat.

Here’s another view from a different angle.

Juniper #2 - Alt View

Again as with the last tree we need to look deep inside to see what will stay and what will be cut off.

Examining the juniper

So here we go, everything on the left will be removed so as to expose a good portion of the trunk.

Everything on the left will be removed

By leaning the tree a bit to a different angle I can see if there is any potential in styling it this way.

see the potential when leaned to the left?

We also need to do like the last tree and cut off any downward hanging foliage.

Remove downward hanging foliage

We’re just about there now after doing much nipping and branch removal.

Just about done

Finally ready to start applying our wire and give it the style we’ve been looking for.

Wiring the junioer

Again we’ll be applying wire through the drainage holes to secure the tree to the pot.

Securing Juniper to pot with wire

And here we are with our finished cascade juniper. As I mentioned with tree # 1, I’ll be using an oversize plastic pot for this one also. It might look a bit out of place for now, but patience and time will allow the person who gets this tree to be able to pot it into a smaller nicer cascade pot down the road and have a healthy happy tree also.

Completed Juniper #2

Continue to Part 3 🙂

Thomas J.

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