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Top 8 Bonsai Trees for the Beginner

While all trees behave and react differently to a variety of situations, there are certain bonsai trees that are much more suitable for beginners due to their ability to withstand harsher environments and pruning. Below is a list of 8 bonsai trees that can be a great fit for beginners!

  1. The Ficus Bonsai

    A beautiful and popular bonsai that is often grown indoors, the ficus is a great start for anyone’s bonsai collection.

  2. The Jade Bonsai – The Jade Bonsai requires a lot of light, but is a beautiful tree that exudes movement and grace in it’s trunk and small jade leaves.

  3. The Juniper Bonsai

    A great outdoor plant for beginners, the Juniper can be easily manipulated and pruned to take on a variety of beautiful effects.

  4. The Chinese Elm

    A bonsai with excellent root systems, the Chinese Elm is great for rock plantings, and withstanding thorough pruning. They can be grown indoor and outdoor and react magnificently to temperature changes.

  5. The Dwarf Schefflera

    While the name be hard to pronounce, caring for this bonsai isn’t. The Dwarf Schefflera is a stunning umbrella tree that is grown specifically indoors, and therefore easy to care for by beginners.

  6. The Money Tree

    A water chestnut tree made into a bonsai, the Money Tree brings wealth and good fortune to its owner. Beginners to the bonsai community will have no trouble caring for this symbol of prosperity.

  7. The Trident Maple Bonsai

    The brilliant trees have stunning orange foliage in the fall and are an absolute staple in any bonsai lover’s collection. While they are not the easiest tree to handle, beginners will be rewarded for their gorgeous nature.

  8. The Golden Gate Ficus

    This fast growing tree thrives in indoor habitats and is perfect for beginners. It’s trunk has gorgeous movement and flow, making an excellent choice as anyone’s first bonsai tree.

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