Bonsai Conversation with a Master – Free preview: Chapters 1 & 2

“Bonsai Beginner to Advanced – Conversations with a Master” is a series of interviews with Fred Meyer in which he answers 372 questions covering 17 chapters. Over 8 hours of interviews are included in the set, along with a 67 page guidebook and transcripts of the interviews! The information contained in the set will put you on the fast track to growing world class bonsai.

Originally released in 2009, we have re-released the digital edition of the set for $29.95 (originally $49.95). All proceeds now benefit the Bonsai Society of Dallas.

The full edition (which includes CD’s, a printed & bound guidebook, and print & bound transcripts) is still available for $99.95.

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How to Wire a Juniper (Video)

Mike demonstrates how to wire a juniper bonsai tree he purchased from Dallas Bonsai Garden. This video shows the 2 main branches being wired in a cascade style by referring to an image for inspiration.

The takeaways are:

  1. Use inspiration to help you design your bonsai trees.
  2. Make incremental changes over time.
  3. Your tree won’t be a masterpiece the minute you wire it.

Making a Custom Potting Mix – Video

A couple months back, we talked about making a perfect potting mix for bonsai. Mike Miller demonstrates this by making a custom potting mix for bonsai that he is going to use with a juniper he is re-potting. In this extended version, 2-part video, Mike explains most everything you need to understand about making bonsai mixes and how to sieve / sort them by size in order to make 3 different “layers” of soil for your bonsai pot. This technique increases the growth rate of bonsai and seems to keep the plants healthier. One of the main things we have to guard against from time to time is root rot and diseases caused by soggy conditions. This soil mix virtually eliminates this issue.

Part 2:

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